Judy's Workshops
Alpha Workshop Feedback

I really enjoyed Judy's Alpha Meditation course. The information was presented in an orderly, easy to grasp format and was delivered beautifully by Judy, who infuses everything she does with grace and humour and spirit. I have used the Alpha Meditation often since the course and love it. It is calming and relaxing and—best of all—I get to bend time a bit and accomplish a whole lot more in a lot less time—with NO stress!
Thanks Judy!
L. F. (Calgary)

From BodyTalk Sessions

I call myself a ‘work in progress’ and no where could I find a better helper than Judy! I've had several healings now and always, her gentle and intuitive ways leave me uplifted in spirit, mind and body. There is always surprise and laughter possible with Judy as your healer and you feel very special when you head for home.
L. Andersen (Calgary)

Participants in Labyrinth Workshop Say

My goal in taking this class was to gather more insight into the choices I make. I enjoyed having the ability to try two different labyrinths. I like hearing the history of labyrinths.
Course Rating—Excellent!
C. Ryan (Calgary)

Munay-Ki Rites Comments From Protégées

Thank you for the rites yesterday, it was a fantastic experience! After I left I almost cried when driving, I felt overwhelmed but it was from a feeling of gratitude for the rites and the people that gift us with this service as yourself and others. I realize we are very fortunate to receive these rites; they are a gift and are very powerful. Also, thank you for the time you spent with us, I really enjoyed our discussion/conversation time.
E.M. (Calgary)

Newsletter Kudos

Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful newsletter and also to congratulate you on what you've been accomplishing. You have both taken huge steps toward being in service and beautifully fulfilling your life path! I was in Roger's pod group at ATP last Sept., but unfortunately didn't have a chance to meet Judy. Your March newsletter showing a picture of a giraffe hit a synchronistic chord with me, as Giraffe appeared to me during the releasing ceremony!
Love and blessings to both of you, J. J.

Hi Judy! just wanted to say I really enjoy your newsletter, and thank you for all your work and effort; any way to stay tuned into the reality of Earth 'magick' is most welcome.. hope you and Roger enjoy the rest of the 'harvest' season; and I would love to join you at any of your future seasonal gatherings..
Blessings C. M.

Crystal Layouts and Light Body Invocation
From Ian,

I write this testimonial with pleasure, glad that Roger is finally bringing his many gifts into the world. His book The Story of Light is one of the best books I have read on spirituality and I have read hundreds. Roger is a gem that has long remained hidden in Calgary. If you are serious about achieving enlightenment, the permanent connection between your physical and light bodies, then Roger is the Spiritual master to work with. I had 7 sessions on his copper table (Crystal Layout) and found it to be a life changing experience. The guidance that comes through Roger during this time is priceless. I would recommend to anyone to see Roger, either for a private session or a course.

Ian Dakers
Nexialist, Harmonic Thinking Systems

From Corrina,

In spring of 2005, I was told stories about Roger and the work he did with light bodies and channeled messages. Two of my friends journeyed through this process and were very enthusiastic. I was quite intrigued and began my own sessions with Roger in late spring 2005.

I have had no previous experience with channeling or with working with crystals.

In explanation, I do not generally have specific metaphysical experiences. I don’t see auras, experience visions, hear voices, and I am extremely inconsistent with my meditation practice. I say this in order to set the stage for knowing that I am really an ‘average’ person who was drawn to this from my friends’ experiences.

I was not nervous about this but curious at how a session would unfold and how comfortable it would be. It was really a delight. Roger has such an easy sense of humour, strives to put people at ease, is personable and informed about what he is doing, and has such a natural and straightforward approach to the sacred work he is participating in.

If a test of whether something is ‘true’ or not is whether it resonates with your own inner knowledge, and whether it is filled with love and compassion, then Roger channels the truth to others. All my questions asked of the ‘divine’ were answered in a way that I understood and proved to be very useful to me. When I acted on the information I received, the result was a more harmonious home life and some much needed perspective for myself on situations. It was a relief to let go of trying to analyze situations in my life and receive some spiritual perspective and encouragement. Sometimes the responsibility of some events is not mine to shoulder, and that is a burden to have lifted.

During the meditations, I was fortunate to feel a variety of sensations, from deep peacefulness to visual experiences of light and physical sensations. These events continue to happen more frequently in my day-to-day activities and in my meditations. They bring with them a sense of peace and comfort. All of them were wonderful. What I am especially grateful for having received through this journey is a feeling of lightness, or moments of surprising joy, and a feeling of strength and calmness. I am ‘sitting’ in the place that I am, with more ease. Perhaps it is just more compassion for myself.

I felt taken care of and safe through this experience. Roger went out of his way to accommodate me. It will continue to have ramifications in my life, and I am so glad that I moved forward in pursuing it.

With gratitude, Corinna Totino

Crystals' Light Workshop
From Leslie

Working with Crystals and Roger. Rogerís knowledge and warmth made the course very memorable, easy to learn and especially comfortable to use. His technique of teaching surpassed many other courses taught by other professionals. My only regret is not living in Calgary so I can be part of his many opportunities. Thank-you again Roger.
Leslie Caul

From Sharon

Although I have read both of Roger's books, The Story of Light, Path to Enlightenment, and The Story of Light, Through Heaven's Gate, I learned a ton of new information in the Crystals' Light Workshop. I have only minimally appreciated the effect of crystals in healing, and consider myself a novice to this area of expertise. Roger's Authority, as a channeller and diviner, was unmistakeable. He dealt with questions respectfully, sharing additional knowledge as relevant. I recommend the Crystals' Light Workshop to anyone who wishes to stretch their understanding of how light works on Earth, and raise their frequencies in order to heal. It has opened new possibilities for me as a person and a healer. The knowledge received through crystals affirmed me as I am right now, and calls me forth to embrace opportunities and personal destiny.
Sharon Montgomery

From Kim

The entire presentation was so amazing for me. I have not experienced anything like it to date. I felt as though it was written and put together just for me! The part that had the biggest impact for me was working with the actual crystals. I have always had a connection to crystals but this has taken that to a whole new level. Thank you for sharing your knowledge making it very easy to understand and taking us on an amazing joumey!
Kim Armstrong

From Phyllis

Roger's true caring, and listening, along with lots of hands-on with the crystals is just the best.
Phyllis Taylor
Red Deer

From Barb

All the information was excellent, and your personality, Roger, was excellent. Can hardly wait to use my new information to work on people.
Barb Glatthor

From Caroline

Food spread and everything was great. I knew almost nothing of how the crystals worked, and now I feel more comfortable. I understand them better, and better than any book would have explained.
Caroline Simard

From Samantha

What a Crystal Powerhouse!! Excellent workshop for all those who are drawn to crystals and want to learn more! Overall, Very Excellent!! A welcome and direct synopsis of Crystal Healing.
Samantha Hussey

From Lynn,

Thank you so much for sharing your deep knowledge of light and love, (Crystal's Light Workshop) and for opening your home and heart to hold this workshop. My understanding of the impact of what I learned and experienced during your workshop only scratches the surface. I do know, however, it is far reaching and will change not only my life, but all those who are a part of my life as well. The purpose of attending your workshop was to gain a stronger and clearer connection with the angels and my guides. I am very happy to report that my connection with the angels and my guides has indeed grown stronger and clearer. I can feel their presence almost constantly now. For that, I am deeply grateful and feel very blessed.
Lynn Lundy
Red Deer

From Ehren Rebmann

When at first I saw the title of this course, I thought, ‘How curious! Instead of focusing on the healing properties of stones, this guy (Roger Joyeux) seems to be coming from the source!’ So, I signed up. And yes, it’s true. Roger comes from source when speaking of the light of crystals, a source that makes sense, not only because we all spring from Godhead as light (or spirit) that manifests into matter, but so does everything else in the universe!

One of the principles brought to light in this course (pun intended!) is the principle of ‘as above, so below’. Just as we may automatically reflect and absorb certain frequencies as a part of our makeup, so do crystals. All, no matter how ‘far’ from Godhead, are a part of, not apart from, the whole. It follows that as we learn to use our intuitive abilities to sense the properties of light that a stone is imbued with, so can we also learn to sense how that light might best be used to empower—and as a possible outcome—heal ourselves and the people we work with. WOW!

Definitely a course heavy on light information, omost of which has bee channelled through Roger through the years, to good effect. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to advance their knowledge, intuitive sense, and appreciation of the metaphysical mineral realm!
Right on, Roger!
Ehren Rebmann

From Sheilah,

I highly recommend the course, ‘Crystals and their Light’. As a Reiki Master, I wanted to incorporate crystals into the healing process. With Roger, I learned SO MUCH and am confident in knowing the crystals, and what they do. But, most beneficial to me was to learn about the connection between THE LIGHT and me. I had never related the energy of crystals to the total picture before. Roger’s explanation made it easy to understand.
Sheilah Bissett

From Barb,

Roger, I loved your crystal course! ("Crystals and their Light") Normally, I wouldn’t take any courses Sept to Dec, as it is usually so very busy for me, but I felt I should take it, and was I ever glad! Thanks again.
Barb Timmer

From Pat,

I very much enjoyed taking the workshop "Crystals and Their Light" with Roger Joyeux. He is very knowledgeable and I learned lots! It's well worth the time for those who want to understand more about crystals and their gifts to us. Thank you Roger,
Pat Sullivan
President and COO, Highwood Communications Ltd.

From Andrew,

When looking back on the crystal workshop, “Crystals and their Light”, I have come to the conclusion that I was lucky to have attended something so informative, original, enjoyable, and provocative. Roger’s workshop isn’t a simple regurgitation of material that one will find collecting dust on bookshelves. His unique material has been channeled over many years of curious exploration and spiritual work and has resulted in a remarkable book called The Story of Light. This book and his workshop on Crystals have changed the way I approach my spiritual practice. I now understand why things that I have been doing, like meditating, have worked so well, as well as, what I can do to make them better.

It’s wonderful to discover that a leader of this calibre is part of the Calgary community. Roger’s strengths as a teacher are that he is truly passionate about his work, and that he is ready to make a difference in the world. I believe that he has a burning desire to help people grow and obtain spiritual fulfillment. What makes his class so enjoyable is his down to Earth, practical, humble, and humorous approach, which makes him fun to listen to.

What differentiates his material on crystals from what you will find in most books is that he teaches how each crystal has its own unique character with its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to know HOW the crystal works so that you can use it most effectively in your practice.

Roger has forever changed the way I approach my own spiritual path to enlightenment, and I am looking forward to learning more from him in the future.
Andrew Stone,

Channeling Workshop
From Gloria,

Thank you for the workshop you did on channelling. You inspired me and gave me back my confidence in myself. You helped me realize that there was more than one way to channel. Since I already journal you have given me a familiar way to practice channelling for myself and others. Thank you for an uplifting afternoon.
Namaste, Gloria Kletzel

From Gail,

Roger Joyeux’s workshop on ‘Choosing the Spiritual Path’ was a blessed gift from Spirit to all of us who were present. Roger’s explanation of ‘The Story of Light’ and our journey in consciousness is very logical, down to earth, practical, and very applicable to our everyday living and choices to raise our vibration. Roger has also enhanced my personal spiritual journey through the unique sharing of his knowledge, private sessions, and by gently guiding me on an accelerated path.
Namaste Roger, Gail Simmons
Pincer Creek

Card Readings
From Myron,

Thank-you very very much for the reading (Angel Card Reading). I enjoyed contemplating the message, and it helps me especially in approaching this new blossoming relationship which I feel has great potential.
Good-luck to you, Roger, in your new venture.