Medicine Wheel at Carmangay, Alberta
Medicine Wheel at Carmangay, Alberta

One of the ways to heal self is to “remember” who you are. Remembering may be about something that happened this lifetime or in a previous lifetime. The ancient Egyptians believed that there are 64 aspects of personality, and that to experience them all, we must come back to earth at least 64 times. Most of us have lived on Earth at least 64 times, and probably more. The circumstances of a previous life may have an effect on this particular life. You may see it in your successes or lack of them; see it in the string of failed relationships; or see it in the seeming bad luck that follows you.

By journeying to the past to “see” what it is you encountered, you can honor that life and that incident, and close that wound. Closing the wound may bring about a powerful sense of fragments coming together to create a feeling of wholeness. This process may need to be repeated multiple times.

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Booking a Past Life Regression

The past life regression takes about one hour.  The session starts with the protégé advising the practitioner about an issue or problem that needs to be solved.  The practitioner will lead the protégé into a meditation, and focus the historical timeline to meet the requirements around the issue.  The protégé describes the journey to the practitioner as the practitioner asks leading questions.

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1 hour for the discussion and the past life journey,   $100

Package of 3 one-hour sessions,  $275