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“There is only Love. "I am scared." There is only Love. "I am fearful" There is only Love. "I hate myself." There is only Love. "I hate other people." There is only Love. "I am confused." There is only Love. "I know everything." There is only Love. "I know nothing." There is only Love.”

Michael Jeffreys

John Unger and his 19 year old dog Schoep Article:
Spirit Speaks – A Story of Love
A Wisconsin man has been thrust into the spotlight after a picture of him and his 19-year-old dog went viral on the Internet. According to a story from Granite Broadcasting sister station of Northland's News Center. The image of John Unger and his dog Schoep has been viewed millions of times on Facebook, reaching people across the world. . . . continue...

Atlantisite, for bringing harmony to the beginning of Spirituality
Crystals: Atlantisite
Atlantisite offers a cheery green vibration of the common garden variety. The variety of green here allows the mind to open without pushing any limits. As a healing stone in the classic sense, Atlantisite accelerates the vibration of the body’s form wherever it is placed. What is meant by not pushing the limits . . . continue...